Friday Agenda

Friday, September 13, 2019

(Each presentation will include a 25% min interactivity btw speaker and audience)

0745 Registration and breakfast

Location: PGCRL 2nd Floor Lobby/Gallery

Speaker ready room available

Location: Event Room 3a

0900 Parallel Didactic Sessions
Chair: Hideaki Shiraishi, MD, DMS

Location: PGCRL Auditorium

  • Getting started with MEG for epilepsy
    Heidi Kirsch, MS, MD
    Professor of Neurology and Radiology
    Clinical Director, UCSF Biomagnetic Imaging Laboratory
    UCSF, San Francisco CA

Chair: Hiroshi Otsubo, MD

Location: Event Room 2a & b

  • Sedation during MEG: CCHMC cases
    Hisako Fujiwara, PhD
    MEG Lab Manager & Research Associate
    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati OH
1000 Break with exhibitors
Location: PGCRL 2nd Floor Lobby/Gallery
1030 Group photo
Location: PGCRL 2nd Floor Lobby/Gallery
1110 Chair: Don Mabbott, PhD
Keynote #2: Neurophysiological MArkets of Aging and Cognitive Decline
Tony Wilson, PhD

Scientific Director, Center for Magnetoencephalography & Associate Professor
Department of Neurological Sciences, Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha NE
Location: PGCRL Auditorium

1200 Poster and lunch

Location: PGCRL 2nd Floor Lobby/Gallery

1300-1400 Chair: Tim Bardouille, PhD

Brief Oral Presentations:
Neurological conditions, cognition, computational approaches
Presentations are 5 minutes long with 2 minutes for questions
Only first authors listed. Please see full author list on website.

Location: Event Room 2a & b

  • Abstract #2
    Submission ID 680930
    Evaluating Visual Evoked Cortical Magnetic Responses in Youth with Demyelination
    Laura Kim
    Time: 1300
  • Abstract #21
    Submission ID 675798
    Reorganization of Functional Language Networks Following Neonatal Arterial Ischemic Stroke Supports Language
    Zahra Emami
    Time: 1307
  • Abstract #47
    Submission ID 692928
    Reduction of spontaneous beta bursts in Parkinson’s disease is correlated with motor symptom severity
    Mikkel Vinding
    Time: 1314
  • Abstract #45
    Submission ID 694591
    Concussion during adolescence disrupts local and large-scale neurophysiological circuits
    Benjamin Dunkley
    Time: 1321
  • Abstract #46
    Submission ID 694754
    Nonpharmacological Treatment changes resting-state brain activity in patients with dementia
    Yoshihito Shigihara
    Time: 1328
  • Abstract #33
    Submission ID 676722
    Interbrain coupling during turn-taking verbal interactions between mothers and children
    Jo-Fu Lotus Lin
    Time: 1335
  • Abstract #34
    Submission ID 678643
    Enhanced beta modulations in primary sensorymotor and visual cortices reflect visuomotor control: A precursor to neurofeedback
    Chungmin Han
    Time: 1342
  • Abstract #35
    Submission ID 677295
    Limitations of Magnetoencephalography for detecting high frequency activity
    Naohiro Tsuyuguchi
    Time: 1349
1400-1500 Parallel Symposia
Presentations are 15 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions
Only first authors listed. Please see full author list on website.

  • Symposium #3: Neurological conditions (excluding epilepsy)
    Chair: Seppo Ahlfors, PhD
    Location: PGCRL Auditorium

    • Abstract #43
      Submission ID 677118
      The effect of normal-appearing white matter changes on visual-gamma in peadiatric acquired demyelinating syndromes
      Sonya Bells
      Time: 1400
    • Abstract #57
      Submission ID 674683
      Communication study: Hyperscanning using dual-MEG
      Kazuyori Yagyu
      Time: 1420
    • Abstract #58
      Submission ID 673882
      Marked Increases in Resting-State MEG Gamma-Band Activity in Combat-related Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: a Novel Imaging Marker
      Mingxiong Huang
      Time: 1440
    • Abstract #44
      Submission ID 680695
      The distinct impact of age on occipital neural dynamics in HIV-infected adults with and without cognitive impairment
      Alex Wiesman
      Time: 1500
1400-1500 Location: Event Room 2a & b
Chair: Sylvain Baillet, MD

  • Symposium #4: Connectivity, Computational Approaches, Perception &
    Sensation, Other Methodologies

    • Abstract #38
      Submission ID 678997
      Characterizing Transient Spectral Events in Big Data
      Timothy Bardouille
      Time: 1400
    • Abstract #59
      Submission ID 666935
      Resting state MEG for rational planning of neurostimulation treatment in stroke and dementia
      Jed Meltzer
      Time: 1420
    • Abstract #61
      Submission ID 679283
      The respiratory cycle modulates pain processing: an experimental study
      Isamu Ozaki
      Time: 1440
    • Abstract #36
      Submission ID 666061
      Simple and concise operation makes the most of MEG
      Yoshihito Shigihara
      Time: 1500
1530 Break with exhibitors

Location: PGCRL 2nd Floor Lobby/Gallery

1600 Chair: Masayuki Hirata, MD, PhD & MEng
Perspectives Session:
Moving Optically Pumped Magnetometers toward clinical application
Gareth Barnes, PhD
Head of Magnetoencephalgraphy
Welcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, UCL, London UK
1645 Social Brain Using Simultaneous MEG System
Mitsuru Kikuchi, MD PhD
Kindai Research Center for Child Mental Development
Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences
Kanazawa University, Kanazawa Japan
1730 End of Academic Day (Please remove your posters)
1730 ISACM Board Meeting (executive committee only)
Location: Event Room 3a
1830 End of Board Meeting