Thursday, September 12 & Friday September 13, 2019

  • Abstract #3
    Submission ID 676736
    Relationship between precuneus activity and mild cognitive impairment
    Koichi Yokosawa
  • Abstract #4
    Submission ID 677374
    MEG head movement compensation in difficult-to-test populations
    Seppo Ahlfors
  • Abstract #5
    Submission ID 679683
    Detection of auditory evoked response under the magnetic field noise caused by a cochlear implant device
    Yasuhiro Haruta
  • Abstract #6
    Submission ID 695694
    Automated detection of interictal spikes : choice of a computational framework
    Tommaso Fedele
  • Abstract #7
    Submission ID 680913
    Resting State Connectivity in Fragile X Syndrome
    Maria Mody
  • Abstract #8
    Submission ID 680293
    Adults with autism spectrum disorder demonstrate atypical brain connectivity during a response inhibition task
    Veronica Yuk
  • Abstract #9
    Submission ID 676714
    Developmental trajectories of functional connectivity in infant follow-up study
    Chiaki Hasegawa
  • Abstract #10
    Submission ID 676725
    Equivalent Current Dipole analysis of epileptic spikes between spike peak and onset
    Hiroyuki Yamamoto
  • Abstract #11
    Submission ID 676728
    Somatosensory evoked fields for the posterior tibial nerve in sensorimotor seizures of lower limbs
    Dai Agari
  • Abstract #12
    Submission ID 676737
    Estimation of postoperative visual field defect using visual evoked field
    Takehiro Uda
  • Abstract #13
    Submission ID 677180
    Correlation between fusion EEG-MEG source localizations with hemodynamic responses and relation to surgical outcome
    Chifaou Abdallah
  • Abstract #14
    Submission ID 650329
    A novel method for extracting interictal epileptiform discharges in multi-channel MEG: Use of fractional type of blind source separation
    Teppei Matsubara
  • Abstract #15
    Submission ID 650447
    Monaural auditory stimulation can be useful for identifying epileptic focus in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy
    Teppei Matsubara
  • Abstract #16
    Submission ID 680651
    Interictal Epilepsy Spike Detection from MEG Signal using Machine Learning
    Simone Liu
  • Abstract #17
    Submission ID 675795
    MEG measures of altered somatosensory and motor function in children following basal ganglia stroke
    Cecilia Jobst
  • Abstract #18
    Submission ID 677073
    Use of magnetoencephalography to examine cortical responses to deep brain stimulation
    Irene Harmsen
  • Abstract #20
    Submission ID 677361
    Investigation of neuromagnetic auditory response in patients with hemifacial spasm
    Bong-Soo Kim
  • Abstract #22
    Submission ID 665389
    Auditory mismatch field and language performance in low birth weight infants at preschool age
    Yuko Yoshimura
  • Abstract #23
    Submission ID 691560
    Symptom-associated change of motor-related neuromagnetic fields in a patient with multiple sclerosis: a case report
    Ji Hee Kim
  • Abstract #24
    Submission ID 696484
    Detecting differences with magnetoencephalography (MEG)-urodynamics study of somatosensory processing normal desire to void and maximum desire to void sensation
    Hideaki Shiraishi
  • Abstract #25
    Submission ID 677225
    Effects of theta burst stimulation on cortical dynamics and sensorimotor coordination
    Josephine Ferrandino
  • Abstract #26
    Submission ID 676746
    Neuromagnetic brain responses to vibrotactile stimulations of dominant and non-dominant hand
    Min-Young Kim
  • Abstract #27
    Submission ID 674081
    Changes of stimulus-induced 20-Hz activity for the tongue and hard palate during tongue movement using MEG
    Hitoshi Maezawa
  • Abstract #28
    Submission ID 674211
    MEG-based dynamic functional coupling is associated with pain interference on cognitive task performance
    Junseok Kim
  • Abstract #29
    Submission ID 675116
    Cortical oscillations and phase-amplitude coupling during motor processing in young children with autism spectrum disorders
    Kyung-min An
  • Abstract #30
    Submission ID 676658
    Long-term effects of interictal epileptiform discharge on cognitive development and sociality in preschool children with autism spectrum disorders
    Tetsu Hirosawa
  • Abstract #31
    Submission ID 670557
    Large-cohort electrophysiological markers of ASD
    Benjamin Hunt
  • Abstract #32
    Submission ID 677013
    Abnormal Auditory Mismatch Fields in Children and Adolescents with 47, XYY syndrome
    Junko Matsuzaki