Thursday Agenda

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

(Each presentation will include a 25% min interactivity btw speaker and audience)

0745 Registration and breakfast
Registration package pickup & sign up for taxi to Gala Dinner

Location: PGCRL 2nd Floor Lobby/Gallery

Speaker ready room available

Location: Event Room 3a

0900 Parallel Didactic Sessions
Chair: Timothy Roberts, PhD

Location: PGCRL Auditorium

  • MEG Basics for Clinical Research Design
    Maria Mody, PhD
    Director, Developmental Language and Reading Research Laboratory
    Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Chair: Hiroshi Otsubo, MD

Location: Event Room 2a & b

  • MEG for paediatrics: The SickKids experience
    Roy Sharma, RET, REPT
    Neurophysiology Lab Manager, Division of Neurology
    Hospital for Sick Children
1000 Break with exhibitors
Location: PGCRL 2nd Floor Lobby/Gallery
1030 Opening Remarks

Welcome to ISACM Toronto
Hiroshi Otsubo, MD: President, ISACM & Conference Co-Chair
Director, Neurophysiology Labs
Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatrics
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto ON

Welcome on behalf of Diagnostic Imaging, Hospital for Sick Children
Manohar Shroff, MD, FRCPC, DABR
Radiologist-in-Chief, Diagnostic Imaging
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto ON

Welcome on behalf of Neurosciences & Mental Health
Don Mabbott, PhD
Program Head & Senior Scientist, Neurosciences & Mental Health
SickKids Research Institute, Toronto ON

Introduction to ISACM
Tim Roberts, PhD: Treasurer, ISACM
Oberkircher Family Chair in Pediatric Radiology & Professor of Radiology
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia &
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia PA

A brief history of ISACM
Nobukazo Nakasato, MD, PhD: Past-President, ISACM
Chairman, Department of Epileptology
Tohoku University School of Medicine, Sendai Japan

Conference Logistics

Liz Pang, PhD: ISACM2019 Conference Co-Chair
Neurophysiologist & Senior Associate Scientist
Hospital for Sick Children & SickKids Research Institute, Toronto ON

Location: PGCRL Auditorium

1100 Keynote #1:
Chair: Ritva Paetau, MD, PhD
From dipoles to connectivity: MEG in epilepsy surgery
Prof. Dr. Stefan Rampp
Chair, MEG Lab
Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Erlangen, Germany

Location: PGCRL Auditorium

1200 Poster and lunch

Location: PGCRL 2nd Floor Lobby/Gallery

1300-1400 Chair: Ben Dunkley, PhD

Brief Oral Presentations:
Epilepsy, Functional Mapping, Other modalities, Connectivity & Brain Networks
Presentations are 5 minutes long with 2 minutes for questions
Only first authors listed. Please see full author list on website.

Location: Event Room 2a & b

  • Abstract #42
    Submission ID 676762
    Clinical Utility of High-Density EEG with MEG for Epilepsy Surgery
    Will Woods
    Location: Event Room 2a & b
    Time: 1300
  • Abstract #52
    Submission ID 693223
    Utility of ictal MEG in the presurgical evaluation of patients undergoing epilepsy surgery
    Alexandra Koptelova
    Location: Event Room 2a & b
    Time: 1307
  • Abstract #39
    Submission ID 680653
    Spike onset zone on magnetoencephalography in various epileptogenic lesions
    Hiroshi Shirozu
    Location: Event Room 2a & b
    Time: 1314
  • Abstract #41
    Submission ID 674045
    Preoperative evaluation for indication of total corpus callosotomy using gradient magnetic field topography (GMFT) in patients with intractable generalized epilepsy and drop attacks
    Kota Kagawa
    Location: Event Room 2a & b
    Time: 1321
  • Abstract #56
    Submission ID 696195
    Separating the wheat from the chaff – optimization and validation of MEG connectivity- and network-based language mapping in childhood
    Darren Kadis
    Location: Event Room 2a & b
    Time: 1328
  • Abstract #60
    Submission ID 679614
    Magnetoencephalography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging: MRI Safety and Artifact Predictability Between Two Magnetically Associated Modalities
    Stephanie Holowka
    Location: Event Room 2a & b
    Time: 1335
  • Abstract #48
    Submission ID 695621
    Measuring brain activity from paediatric to elderly with two helmets in one dewar cooled by continuous reliquefaction: LifeSpan MEG
    Yong Ho Lee
    Location: Event Room 2a & b
    Time: 1342
  • Abstract #37
    Submission ID 676456
    Estimating Directional Information Flow During MEG Interictal Spike Recordings
    Stephen Robinson
    Location: Event Room 2a & b
    Time: 1349
1400 Parallel Symposia
Presentations are 15 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions

  • Symposium #1: Epilepsy
    Chair: Masayuki Hirata, MD, PhD & MEng
    Location: PGCRL Auditorium

    • Abstract #40
      Submission ID 660188
      Detection of interictal epileptiform discharges: A comparison of on-scalp and conventional MEG measurements
      Karin Westin
      Time: 1400
    • Abstract #53
      Submission ID 677473
      Noninvasive Localization of High-Frequency Oscillations in Children with Epilepsy: Validation against Intracranial
      Christos Papadelis
      Time: 1420
    • Abstract #54
      Submission ID 660123
      Magnetoencephalography as a prognostic tool in patients with medically intractable temporal lobe epilepsy
      Myung-Ji Kim
      Time: 1440
    • Abstract #55
      Submission ID 676521
      Overnight ictal magnetoencephalography in children with drug-resistant epilepsy
      Jeremy Moreau
      Time: 1500
1400 Location: Event Room 2a & b
Chair: Sam Doesburg, PhD

  • Symposium #2: Psychiatric conditions including PTSD

    • Abstract #50
      Submission ID 680367
      Machine learning for mental illness diagnoses: use of the MEG connectome as a biomarker for PTSD
      Benjamin Dunkley
      Time: 1400
    • Abstract #51
      Submission ID 680558
      Quantifying temporal dysconnectivity among schizophrenia patients: A resting-state MEG study
      Golnoush Alamian
      Time: 1420
    • Abstract #62
      Submission ID 676811
      MEG in Minimally Verbal / Non-verbal Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
      Timothy Roberts
      Time: 1440
    • Abstract #49
      Submission ID 677752
      Magnetoencephalographic Correlates of Suicidal Ideation in Major Depression
      Jessica Gilber
      Time: 1500
1520 End of academic day
1545 Travel to Reception and Gala Dinner

  • Those who wish to travel as a group to the CN Tower, please meet in the lobby of the PGCRL or the Marriott Eaton Centre Lobby (Taxis will be arranged. Pre-registration required: please see conference registration desk for further details.)
  • For those who wish to travel on their own, please see directions and instructions in your conference package.
1600 Taxi Departure to CN Tower
1615 Proceed to the Group Entrance to ascend the CN Tower.
One of our staff will be present to direct you.
You will need to show your badge / ticket.
1630 Reception, LookOut Level, CN Tower
Gala Dinner, 360Restaurant, CN Tower
2000 End of day (you are welcome to continue to explore the CN Tower Observation Deck)